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For several years (2006-2010), DiscoverLiveSteam.com (DLS) and Bitter Creek Western Railroad (BCWRR) teamed up to offer this web site contest. These pages are now archived references to those years.

Current status: Discontinued.

This contest had three categories:
1. Railroads, Clubs and Associations
2. Vendors, Suppliers, Manufacturers
3. Individuals

This contest was for web sites focused on rideable model railroading. This generally includes some 4-3/4 inch gauge railroads up to gauges of a couple feet. This contest was intended to showcase small- and medium-sized organizations and web sites. Large sites like DiscoverLiveSteam.com are not appropriate.

DiscoverLiveSteam.com and Bitter Creek Western will make the final determination as to whether a site was appropriate. Neither DLS nor BCWRR may enter the contest, nor may Jamie Foster or Jim O'Connor enter any other web sites with which either are involved.

Anyone interested in sponsoring this contest by providing prizes may contact Jamie Foster.

Please direct any question to Jamie Foster.

The online public will vote on the final list of nominees to determine first place and runner up in each category.

Winning web sites should have good content, be very useful and well designed. Sites must be live steam and/or diesel model railroad related. Any scale railroad was OK as long as you can ride on it and it's not full scale. We are looking for sites that are not only enjoyable and useful to the model railroader and railfan, but also attract non-railroaders to the model railroading hobby.


Above was the banner which winning webmasters may use on their winning websites!

The First Place web master(s) in each category will be given an opportunity to be interviewed by DLS/BCWRR for an article about their philosophy, style, approach, favorite web-building tools, etc. for publication on the DLS and/or BCWRR web sites. Click here for a sample.

Here's a web site you should visit: Steaming Priest

This contest was co-sponsored by the Bitter Creek Western Railroad (BCWRR) and

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