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Jim with Holly and Hunter (front).

Jim behind the engineer at a Bitter Creek Western Narrow Gauge Meet.

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Profile of a Winning Webmaster

Webman: Jim Ferguson
Railroad: Orange County Model Engineers Inc.
1st Place: 2007

Jim is a Sales and Marketing guy by trade. Actually he's a VP of Sales and Marketing for Cal Spas so he has a whole department that reports to him with graphic artists, IT Web gurus and copy writers in it. However, the website for OCME is actually a template website Jim ran across a few years ago called One Web Hosting.

One Web Hosting is a fairly powerful web development site that is all on line and you simply build pages and upload images to the pages as you build them. One trick that makes the images in the web site come up fast is knowing and using Photoshop. This allows you to control the dpi of the photos and image sizes. He also use Corel Draw and does everything on a Mac.

Jim adds, "I take most of the photos on the site using a Nikon D80 with a 70-300 zoom lens. This lets me catch people from a distance where they are not posing for the photos. I like catching people in their natural state. I like to post daily photos of work days and run days to keep the site current and fresh."

"I probably spend a few hours a week keeping it updated and I am starting to add more things all of the time. My next adventure will be film and maybe connecting via a link to You Tube."

"I got into the hobby because my 13-year-old son is a total train nut and has been since birth or so it seems. We started hanging out at OCME (Goathill as we call it) and before we knew it we bought our first engine and I was elected to the Board of Directors. So about 3 weekends a month we spend working on the engine and doing club activities. Our family (myself, Hunter and my wife Holly) chair the Fall Meet which keeps us very busy in September."

Congratulations, Jim! And thank you for all you do for the hobby.

Jim and Hunter at the Sierra Valley Railroad.

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